Recommend Showbox To Your Friends, Get Rewards Together!

Refer Showbox to one of your friends. Your friend will immediately get 100 Showbox Points as a bonus. 

You get half of the points he or she earns by installing apps in the 1st month.

For example, if you friend earns 10,000 points in his 1st month of usage, you will get 5000 points, worth 5 SGD. 

When are these rewards available?

The program starts from 27 Oct 2014.

How can I refer Showbox to my friends?

You need to ask your friends to register Showbox using your referral code.

Or you can share the download link, with your referral code inside, to your friends. 

By clicking of the link, your friend can install Showbox and your referral code will be automatically filled in when they register.

Once your friend registers successfully by inputting your referral code, you will receive an email from us for your record. 

Where can I find my referral code and download link to share with my friends?

You can go to Showbox application, and then click the '"Share" button at the upper right corner. Below is an example. 


Once any dishonest, fraudulent, or inappropriate use of the app is discovered, the Member's account will be suspended or terminated without notice, and the points and redeemed rewards within in will be forfeited.

Please contact should you require any other clarifications.

Download Showbox - Cash Rewards for App Discovery at: